Spark Queries

Querying with SQL

Querying Mixed-Format table by merge on read

Using Select statement to query on Mixed-Format tables.

SELECT * FROM arctic_catalog.db.sample

The Mixed-Format connector will merge the data from BaseStore and ChangeStore.

Query on change store

For a Mixed-Format table with primary keys. you can query on ChangeStore by .change.

SELECT * FROM arctic_catalog.db.sample.change

| id|name|data|_transaction_id|_file_offset|_change_action|
|  1|dddd|abcd|              3|           1|        INSERT|
|  1|dddd|abcd|              3|           2|        DELETE|

The addition columns are:

  • _transaction_id: The transaction ID allocated by AMS during data write is assigned per SQL execution in batch mode and per checkpoint in streaming mode.
  • _file_offset´╝ÜThe order of data written with the same _transaction_id.
  • _change_action´╝ÜThe type of change record, INSERT or DELETE.

Querying with DataFrames

You can read the Mixed-Format table by Spark DataFrames:

val df ="arctic_catalog.db.sample")

And visit the ChangeStore by .change.

val df ="arctic_catalog.db.sample.change")